La Rouge - Client Testimonials

beginner to advanced"I do Pole Dancing, because it makes me feel SENSUAL. It has given me CONFIDENCE, flexibility, suppleness and I have toned." Lorraine 

"I lost weight and I enjoy it so much ... I do it, because it boosts my confidence & I met new friends. I would die if I had to stop now. This dancing means a lot to me and I've shown myself that I'm capable of foing almost everything I've set my mind to. Thank you!" - Lee 

"I love it!! I have seen that I have toned. I have had a workout and instead of hating it I dont even notice. I have become more confident with my body" - Guilia 

"I feel so sexy!!!" - Prayleen 

"Pole Dancing is the BEST FORM OF EXERCISE I HAVE EVER HAD!!! I have played many sports but I have never had a full body workout like what I get with Pole Dancing. The WEIGHT JUST DROPS OFF and the MUSCLE JUST BUILDS UP! I love it!" - Catherine 

"I am more confident and starting to feel sexy at 50!" - Sunet 

"My first lesson of Pole Dancing, I was hooked - it's the most fun workout, great for toning and you see the results. I've always been a tomboy & thought this would be a fun way to explore a different side of me & teach me how to move my girly curves ... I'm now a tomboy by day and Pole Dancer by night! :)" - Heidi 

"Sexy + Fun! I can't get enough!!" - Victoria 

"I started Pole Dancing for a break from the normal - I already lost 3kg! Lots of Fun! Love it!" - Wendy 

"I can do HIP SWAYS!" - Correen 

"Pole Dancing has increased both my SELF CONFIDENCE and Body Awareness. It's an amaing fitness and toning exercise, while being lots of fun. It's my time where I can be sexy while building an amaing body. Best Exercise and Great Teachers!" - Sheena 

"I've got more muscle. I feel sexy and I love how Pole Dancing has shaped my arms - So much fun!" - Danele 

"Goodbye Pork Star ... Hello Porn Star!" - Bella 

"Fun, social, lots of laughs! Since Pole Dancing I've lost weight, toned and have more confidence!" - Anna-Marie 

"I have made the Bestest Gal Pals!" - Cara 

"I feel sexier, confident & enjoy it!! It brings out the naughtiness in me - we wont mention the attention!" - Gala 

"Confident - Sexy & Shaking my ass on the dance floor now!" - Janita 

"Since I joined the Pole Dancing classes, I have so much confidence, it's visible, people ask me all the time! The Fitness Classes have helped me get into shape, I look good and my man just loves the beautiful, sexy , confident me. It's addictive & Nataniel is great!" - Melo 

"I feel more toned and more confident!" - Lisa 

"I want a good workout & challenge. Every time I manage a new move It's an achievement." - Sue 

"Started off curious ... Fell in love ... now an addict!!!" - Chantal 

"I started Pole Dancing because I wanted to lose weight, now I stay because it is so much fun. I JUST CAN'T LEAVE!" - Engela 

"Love it - feel sexier & brings out the Naughtiness in me! It's lots of FUN!" - Juanita 

"I started pole dance and sensual fitness as a hobby and to keep fit. I motivate all my colleagues and friends to join as it is a wonderful self-esteem booster & Pole Dancing also helped me to be comfortable in my own skin. It is great fun & hard work but seeing your photo on a pole is absolute bliss." Safia 

"I joined Pole Dancing for a different tyoe of fitness. I LOVE it because it keeps me toned and fit and I have learnt some SUPER SEXY MOVES!" - Meagen 

"I started so I could tone & lose some of the flubber around the edges ... lol. I love it because the vibe is great, the girls are awesome and wouldn't miss it for the world." - Tandy 

"I am truly happy with who I am now!" - Nadja 

"I started Pole Dancing for fun, to strengthen my body and for some "ME TIME". It has made me much more confident and has made a huge difference to my body strength. I want to do it for as long as I can, because I enjoy it!" - Teresa 

"I have become a lot happier and I feel more comfortable!" - Tami