La Rouge Dance Instructor - Cindy Wills

In 2009 I stumbled across pole dancing because of a friend and I can openly and honestly say that there isn't a day I look back. What it has done for me is it's given me a confidence that I've never known before. It has helped me feel proud of what I have and motivates me to build and improve on it wherever I can. I feel sexy and I love it. Pole dancing and fitness has made me strengthen my strengths, but also improve the areas that I was weaker in, helping me feel comfortable with my ability as a whole.

The most amazing thing about teaching, and teaching for La Rouge, is being able to help ladies experience that same feeling that I feel..., helping each person realise what they are actually capable of, what beauty and appeal they have inside of them, and boosting self-confidence, fitness and health all at once. And it's most amazing to bear witness to these transformations experienced by each and every individual.

Cindy Wills Instructor

Qualifiactions / Experience

  • 9 Years Ballet (Cecchetti) experience
  • 9 Years Pole Dancing experience
  • 4 Years Pole Dance Instructor
  • 4 Years Aerial Dance experience


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