La Rouge Dance Instructor - Nataniël Pires

I am passionately addicted to dance! Since a young girl I have always been involved in dancing, from freestyle, Latin American, to belly dancing and now Pole Dancing. Pole dancing allows me to express my inner passion and release the rhythm of my spirit. 

As an instructor, Pole dancing has inspired and motivated me to dedicate the rest of my dancing days to women of South Africa.  The greatest achievement is to witness the release of my students inner goddess and watch them transform into the beautiful, strong women they are and have always been within. Nataniel Pires

Qualifiactions / Experience

  • 22 Years Dance Experience
  • 12 years Pole Dance experience
  • 11 Years Pole Dance Instructor (All Levels)
  • 7 Year Aerial Dance Instructor
  • 3 Year Aerialist Performer


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