Welcome to La Rouge Burlesque Dance & Fitness

A lifetime of dedication to various forms of dance and a passionate 12 years within the Pole Dance Industry, has inspired and motivated Nadja & Nataniël Pires, the creators of La Rouge Burlesque Dance & Fitness, to devote their energy and expertise in empowering and inspiring women to Release their Inner Goddess; as Beauty, heart and passion reflect from within.  La Rouge Burlesque Dance & Fitness is one of the first leading dance & fitness studios in South Africa and is climbing higher each day as we touch and improve the lifestyles and confidence of women.

We are inspired to “Release your Inner Goddess” and therefore are enthused to introduce a complete Wellness Lifestyle to women of all ages and curves in South Africa. With a wide range of Flirty Fitness Classes and an Excellent 12 Week Weight-loss & Wellness Lifestyle Program, we can guarantee total body and inner reflecting confidence.

The fitness classes we offer combine strength and toning exercises in a sensual modernised form of dance. Our most important focus is to inspire women to become more confident in themselves, by releasing their inner Goddess to the world and we achieve this through offering a fun, safe, energetic and passionate environment that will keep you spinning for Life.

Classes are strictly for women and require no prior experience. We assist and offer classes to women of all skill levels from beginner, right through to advanced dancers. La Rouge offers a safe, supportive and motivating environment, encouraging you to release and embrace your inner confidence.

nadja and natanielBENEFITS of FITNESS CLASSES

  • Improves Self-Confidence
  • Total Body Workout
  • Promotes Weightloss & Encourages a Healthier BMI
  • Enhances Muscle Tone & Flexibility
  • Increases Stamina & Strength
  • Improves Core Strength & Body Posture
  • Encourages Body Awareness
  • Inspires Rhythm & Co-ordination


  • Nutritional awareness and understanding the way of Organic Living
  • A nutritional and well-balanced diet
  • The benefits of Super Foods and Supplementing
  • Maximising weight-loss through excercise and increasing your knowledge of total body fitness training
  • Improving your flexibility and posture as well as introducing better understanding of Full Body Stretching
  • Need to know beauty secrets provided by natures endless bountifulness
  • How to detox and cleanse correctly and safely
  • Introduction to various methods used for destressing the mind and body
  • The power of meditation - Guided exploration of the souls desire to live in true reflection
  • How to live an abounding Lifestyle; by applying all the skills and knowledge learned in each section

With our goal firmly set to expand to all corners of South Africa, La Rouge Burlesque Dance & Fitness aims to touch the lives of women all over.