PFASA Pole Fitness Competition 2013 - Results

Public Notice Posted on 9 April 2013

pole fitness 2013The PFASA Pole Fitness Competition 2013 was a wonderful event and we would like to congratulate all winners and competitors that participated. As always the PFASA events leave us breathless, excited and wanting more. We hope that even more people are inspired by these amazing competitors and events to take up pole dancing.

The PFASA will help send the winners of the Gold, Mens and Duets division to compete at the World Pole Sports Championship held in London, UK in July 2013. The International Pole Sports Organisation regonises the PFASA Pole Fitness Competition as a Silver Competition and the competitors that placed in the top 3 qualify for a place in this prestigious competition. PFASA will sponsor the winners of the Gold & Mens divisions R3000 and the duet pair R4000 to compete, that is a total of R10,000 that PFASA is donating to the South African Pole Athletes. For more information on the competition refer to


Sponsors Choice Award:

  • Karin Nicklin

Gold Division:

  • 1st - Karin Nicklin
  • 2nd - Alicja Gralewska
  • Joint 3rd - Tammy Smith & Candice Levy

Duet Division:

  • 1st - Sherry & Simone
  • 2nd - Karin & Carmi
  • 3rd - Lance and Melissa

X-Factor Award:

  • Alicja Gralewska

Silver Division:

  • 1st - Joanna Pawelczyk
  • 2nd - Kessuree Srisroy
  • 3rd - Ingrid Lübbe

Mens Division:

  • 1st - Jake Mostert
  • 2nd - Rory Vels
  • 3rd - Garon Lehmann


The Pole Fitness Association of South Africa (PFASA) was set up specifically to maintain and develop the standards within the pole-fitness industry in SA. Pole fitness classes are a reputable form of exercise that can be participated in by all. The PFASA endeavours to preserve the integrity and professionalism within all of South Africa's pole fitness studios.

The PFASA is affiliated with the international Pole Fitness Association (PFA). The PFA was founded in 2008 in the USA and is well known for promoting and representing pole fitness as a ‘rigorous, tasteful and athletic art’. The PFA has gained widespread media attention with their attempts to get pole fitness into the 2012 Olympic Games!