La Rouge Products - Pole Grip Aid & Clothes

Struggle with perspiring hands? We have a range of quality tried and tested products that can help maximise your pole dance grip and therefore encourage improved skills.                     

pole-glovesPRO TACK GLOVES

The best grip for poles are the Mighty Grip Pro Tack, fingerless gloves that help you stay on the pole for longer, increasing the intensity of your pole jam sessions. They are slim and tight fitting so looks good too.

Priced @ R450 per pair

knee-padsKnee Pads

Knee Pads are a must for Sports Fitness - varied designs to protect your knees with tack and open back to allow for comfort and easy flexibility. 

Priced from R 150 - R450 per pair


liquidLiquid Chalk

Liquid Chalk is a non-slip antiperspirant hand lotion that dries white. Liquid Chalk can be used under a sports glove for Maximum non-slip grip. Lasts for 4 to 6 hours and lasts twice as long as other products.

Priced @ R180.00 per tube

2clothesFitness Clothing

La Rouge offers a wide range of clothing in all sizes suitable for all your fitness classes.  

Prices available on enquiry

All items are well stocked and available for purchase at your nearest La Rouge studio.