La Rouge Products - Pole Moves Index Kit

Pole Index: Pole Basix (A & B) + Pole Trix (A, B & C)   

Pole Kit - You’ve got the moves … but have you got the kit?

Take what you learn home with a complete Pole Index set available in all levels.

Each move is printed on a photo size card and labelled. Work through your Pole Index Box card by card to ensure you have perfected each move and can combine moves easily and fluidly.

  • Pole Basix will include 40 images and moves per section (A & B).
  • Once you have completed section A & B, you are ready to move on to Pole Trix (A, B, C). Pole Trix includes over 120 demonstrated moves.pole index

Please note: For safety reasons, you will only be permitted to purchase the section of the level you are currently on.

  • Complete Pole Index Box (over 200 moves)
    Priced @ R650 per complete box set

  • Individual Sections (over 40 moves per section)
    Priced @ R150.00 per section

  • Start Up Kit (includes Pole Index Storage Box
    + 1 Section of moves as per your choice)
    Priced @ R180 for box and single section