12 Week Weight-loss & Wellness Program

About the 12 Week Weight-loss & Wellness Program

wellnessLa Rouge Burlesque Dance & Fitness Studio is the first dance studio in South Africa to introduce a complete 12 Week Weight-loss & Wellness Program. The Wellness Program encourages and magnifies the importance of a better, healthier and ultimately happier lifestyle and in doing so assists in increasing your passion and zest for life. 

The Weight-loss and Wellness program has been running since 2013 and has improved the Life-styles of over 100 Ladies and counting.
At La Rouge we believe in Quality not Quantity! Our one-on-one guided assistance ensures that each individual completes the 12 Week Program with guaranteed results and knowledge that can be carried forward to their families and throughout their lives. We believe in going the distance, therefore it is important to know that the Wellness Program is not a DIET, but rather a Way of Life. Realistic and achievable goals will keep you on track and ensure that you do not return to an unhealthy Life-style once more. “Your Body is your Temple”, Feed it with Glorious Enriching Foods and spoil it with treats and treasures through relaxation and meditation.

Our 12 Week Weight-loss & Wellness Program offers step-by-step guidance and assistance with the following:

  • Nutritional awareness and understanding the way of Organic Living
  • A nutritional and well-balanced diet
  • The benefits of Siuper Foods & Supplementing
  • Maximising weight loss through exercise and increasing your knowledge of total body fitness training
  • Improving  your flexibility and posture as well as introducing better understanding of Full Body stretching
  • Need to know beauty secrets provided by natures endless bountifulness
  • How to detox and cleanse correctly and safely
  • Introduction to various methods used for destressing the mind and body
  • The power of meditation - Guided exploration of the souls desire to live in true reflection
  • How to live an abounding Lifestyle; by applying all the skills and knowledge learned in each section

The 12 Week Weight-loss & Wellness Program is divided into 2 Phases:


Eating Well

Introduction and preparation for your new and improved healthy eating lifestyle!

By using the facts and guidance that is provided throughout the “Eating Well” section, we give you the tools for creating your own healthy eating plan.  Read about all the do’s and don’ts, the healthy and not so healthy food facts, important foods, healthy preparation of foods, top health foods to choose from, living from nature and  input vs. output.No diets, no gimmicks or supplements, simply correct, nutritious, well-balanced meal plan. Nature’s provisions along with our guidance and motivation will ensure that you are healthy from the inside out.  

Living Lean

Introduction and preparation for your new and maximised fabulously fit lifestyle!

Here we focus on the importance of exercise and the direct impact it has on your overall body improvement. In this section you will be given top tips on how to maximise your fitness training as well as how to exercise correctly, different exercise programs depending on your specific goals, as well as fitness tests you can try at home. 

Complete with the exercise section you will find a variety of stretch and breathing sequences, as well as relaxed distressing techniques.  In conclusion the “Exercise & Stretch” section will provide you with all you need to know that will prepare and motivate into guaranteeing you the body that you not only crave but also deserve. Let Us reveal the Real YOU!

Beautiful You

Beauty Introduction and preparation for a glowing and refreshed lifestyle!

Finally, a wellness program that offers only the best home remedies and all the little secrets that will keep you glowing and looking fantastic!! The beauty section boasts various, effective, natural remedies that assist with most skin and beauty imperfections, such as cellulite, dry hair, damaged nails and stretch marks. Remember that we can also reflect our inner beauty by simply putting in a little extra loving effort into pampering ourselves.


Introduction and preparation for your cleansed and purified lifestyle!

We feeling and looking GREAT, but there is one last important section before we can complete our 12 week wellness program.  In our last section of the wellness plan we focus on cleansing our bodies in order to restore and bring balance within. We complete the Wellness program with a 28 day detox meal plan that will take your body through a deep, thorough cleanse that will leave you feeling revitalised, younger and lighter.


Eating Well

Re-Introduction and new exploration of healthy choices!

In Phase One you stripped away the top layer of poor choices and took your first few steps on the road to ultimate living! In Phase Two we begin to sift out the finer details and reveal health in its purest forms. Time to re-access, improve and fine-tune your way of eating by exploring what foods your body truly thrives on and what your body could live without. An exciting New Chapter that will allow your taste buds to explore new tastes and textures and through doing so, restore and re-balance your body in all ways of the physical and mental.

Natural Living

Introduction and preparation for your enhanced healthy eating lifestyle!

No matter how much we enrich foods with specific compounds, we can never create the health-enhancing synergy for whole foods themselves, only nature can do that. That’s why most of the optional supplements provided within this section complement power eating and can help you to feel your best. Natural supplements are all derived from nature itself and can provide the best balance within your body for superior health. Explore the wonders of Super Foods and get a better understanding of why a well-balanced diet is essential.

Matters Of The Spiritual

Introduction and preparation for exploring matters of the spiritual!

Without a doubt, this is one element of health that we all seem to forget about all too easily – yet it is the single most important practice to creating a happy and peaceful body, mind and soul. In this section we learn to re-connect with our inner selves on a deeper level, through meditation, visualisation and dedication. It will change your life and without much effort at all, it will bring you great inner peace.

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The wellness program has changed the way I look at myself, how I exercise and how I eat. I started the program to learn how to eat correctly so that I could have the maximum strength when doing pole exercises, but what I got out of it was so much more than just that.

I lost 28cm and 6kg in only 3 months but I also learned how to, build my own menus and work out my own exercise routines and best of all I learnt how to build strength and tone my body in the body tight classes, so much so that I am now doing tricks in pole 2 that I never thought possible!!! I feel guilty to say it, because none of us like to admit it, but I feel sexy now and I feel happy to be me and lucky to be in my own skin. I can’t thank Nadja enough for all the encouragement and guidance.

I will never stop living the way she has taught me, I have more energy and self-appreciation than ever before and that is not something that I am willing to give up any time soon. I would recommend the wellness program to anyone and everyone who wants to give themselves the gift of a healthy strong body.

TOP ACHIEVER - ALBERTON (Lost 33.5cm & 10kg in 12 Weeks)